Library units I QUADRIFOGLIO

Library units I Quadrifoglio

Library units I QUADRIFOGLIO

Quardrifoglio brings together innovative furnishing and architectural ideas by offering a stylish library shelving units.



There are as many varieties of library units, stacks and shelving, as there are materials that sit on the shelves. Since book stacks can occupy over 50% of a library’s space, careful planning for shelving can be a large part of a library building project. Book stacks are available that are single-faced or double-faced, high or low, deep or shallow, and cantilever-style or case-style. The components and accessories include end panels, canopy tops, sloped shelves, slotted divider shelves, display shelves, and retractable index shelves. The parts and pieces required for installation include bolts, bases, gussets, and struts. Unraveling the details of stack planning can be a complicated and time-consuming task but this is an area where the librarians will want to be involved in the decision-making. Library planners are cautioned to make their lists (and check it twice) to avoid the possibility of opening a library without enough shelving.


One of the keys to the success of any library project is to provide enough shelving to meet the requirements for planned collections. There are various ways of calculating the shelving requirements for a project, ranging from using a simple mathematical calculation based on an average number of volumes per shelving unit to using sophisticated software applications, which will calculate the shelving requirements on a collection-by-collection basis. To plan the shelving for a project, a number of decisions must be made once the size of the planned collections has been determined. These decisions should be made during the programming phase in order to allocate enough space in the building for collections. The criteria which determine the number of book stack units and the space required include: shelf capacity or number of volumes per shelf, shelf depth, stack height and/or number of shelves per unit,selection of single or double-faced shelving units, and aisle width.

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