PROTEC® 3 bumper

ProTec® 3 bumper

PROTEC® 3 bumper

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Robust, functional and attractive bumper

Large transport and shopping trolleys are sometimes difficult to maneuver without a corner bumper, and tight curves or blocked aisles can therefore present a real challenge to many customers. Collisions can occur frequently in retail stores and warehouses even when smooth-running castors are used, and the resulting damage can often be substantial. This can be quite annoying – and also quite unnecessary, as such damage can be prevented by using practical bumpers from CRC

          • Individually combinable
          • Easy assembly
          • Flexible adjustment to any situation in store

          Effective protection for freezer cabinets and shop fittings. Particularly recommended for stores where different sizes of shopping trolley are used. Also ideal for use in logistics and warehousing areas. Simple assembly, flexible adjustment to any situation in-store.

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